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British sculptor Deborah Scaldwell Moody, ( D.J. Scaldwell).

Deborah graduated from Wolverhampton Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in 3-dimensional design, specialising in ceramics in 1982.


Setting up her studio in Hatton, near Warwick, she developed her technique of slip-casting complex figures and animals in terracotta, then later in bronze and cold cast bronze. Exhibiting her work at craft fairs and selling through several galleries her ranges of figures and animals became increasingly collectable.  After her travels to Africa and Egypt, she added her Egyptian designs and African figures and animals to the range. She left her Hatton workshop in 1992.


Deborah's Studio is now a  converted cattle shed at her family farmhouse in the Cotswolds where they spent many years restoring the Georgian house and buildings, from a derelict ruin. Here she makes large pieces in plaster and straw, painstakingly casting them herself into resin composite finished pieces, or she builds them in clay and makes plaster slip moulds for casting into terracotta, and fires them in the kiln. For sculptures to be cast in bronze she makes the waxes for the lost wax process  and sends them to the foundry if they are too large to be cast in the small furnace at the studio. Her sculptures range from tiny to over life-size.


Deborah with her fullsize Zebra sculpture in her cattle shed studio.

Zebra new.jpg
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