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Taking pictures in the cattle shed studio. Late 1990's.

Chipping out my first attempts at small bronze casting, from the ceramic shell on the floor of the cattle shed studio. Watched closely by Jet the beloved rescued greyhound.

Full size goat in the plaster and straw stage.

Full size zebra in painted plaster and straw.

Life size sheep at the plaster and straw stage.

Lifesize wolf in progress. Plaster and straw.

Straps helping to support the wolf in progress at the plaster and straw stage.

Lady standing.jpg

Making a waste mould of a lifesize figure in the Hatton studio. 1989.

Making a mould around the lifesize clay figure. 1989.

In the little studio at Hatton making a lifesize clay figure.

Early 1980's.

Removing the rubber mould from a cast of the full size lion, in the cattle shed studio. 

Chipping the waste mould off the figure in the picture above. Early 1980's.

Sculpture of "Jet" lifesize in painted plaster and straw.

Making sectional moulds for each sculpture.

"Highland Cow" lifesize in plaster and straw.

The finished "Highland Cow" cast, painstakingly recreated by Deborah in resin composite. 2008.

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